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Current Reading: Infinite Jest

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I am on page 375 and this is maybe one of the coolest books I've ever read; it is also one of the hardest books I've ever read. IJ has around 1100 pages but length is the least of your worries; IJ contains footnotes (sometimes just a line or 20 pages), a non linear timeline (this book actually starts from a later point in one of the main character's life), the syntax, and the long list of characters and plots and subplots that go along with them. In face of this, I find it to be a highly enjoyable read; although that may because I'm a huge nerd. Wallace is able to articulate Depression, Addiction, Loneliness, and strained parental relationships that hits the head of the nail but also he manages to make it really funny. This book has jokes that are easy to get and some that require a bit of reading into to get.

If I could offer a tip to anyone who takes on this literary giant of a book, it is to take notes and annotate. IJ has a lot of subtle descriptions and at times requires the reader to recall a passage or character. Not taking notes on this book is like going out to sea without a life jacket. Getting lost as to what's going on is scary.

Well my friends, in the meantime, keep reading!

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